29 Feb 2012

john carter review and trailor

john carter the space hero 

Walt Disney Pictures presents the saga 3D actionadventure "John Carter," based on the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars ", the first novel by Burroughs Barsoom series.the original space heroes starring in the series, which has pleased generations with her ​​adventures on Mars.
The original novel, A Princess of Mars tells the story of John Carter, a veteran of civil war, which is teleport to Mars. Here he is beset by tribal wars from a race of green and red Martians. He meets and fell in love with the red Martian princess, DEJAH Thoris, and befriends a green Martian warrior named Tars Tarkas.
alien in john carter 
john carter  making
In this site are various designs, pieces of design, and decals of comics I made in homage. As I polish and material,, THERE included several bits of historical of writing and the universe in general, as well as links to source material and sites devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Not that this preventing them from adding Avatar-esque battle scenes flying through TRON: Legacy.

At these mark it is is too late to turned stuff around, they will pump yet another a trailer this month, both of the point of the film was to clarify, and it comes from many of the conventions of the genre of showcase trailer. Given to the high budget movie, said in the range 400-500 million.

Directed by Oscar ® winning director Andrew Stanton, "John Carter" was introduced in mysterious and the exotic planet Barsoom (Mars). The movie told the tale of a lost fight the former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who inexplicably transport to Mars, which he is hesitant prey to a conflicts of epic proportion among the residents of the planet, include pine Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the fascinating princess DEJAH Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the verge of crash, Carter his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and his people are in his hands.

the initial space mighty men appeared in the series which glad generations with her adventure on Mars.

Over generations, John Carter, a heroic paradigms in all sorts of pop culture. From Comics book novels, the working of the art of animation, television and film, the character inspired a few of the most creatively minds of the last decay.
director / writer Andrew Stanton explains what inspired him to bring "John Carter" for the big screen in his first foray into live action: "I came across this book at the perfect age, I was about ten years, and I in love with the concept of a man on Mars, one of the wonderful creatures in a strange new world, a stranger in a strange land. it was a very romantic and adventurous science fiction. I always thought it would cool to see it realized on the big screen.
Particularly when the film in question is the actors have a real potential, and according to the property. "John Carter" should be hung from first the film I, film, theater of the countryside with the film set for release in March, ready to die to see how everything comes together for this.
Veterans of the civil war that eventually led of further conflicts to the planet Mars or in background are different and find it. Just watch the trailer for and poster of how once again. Clean housing, to be published in such materials, it seems odd that the movie is named for him as he at least of these changes we see in the second.Maybe you are feeling different.
As director Andrew Stanton on Twitter will be fully investigated, it is the best that exists:.
"John Carter is an epic adventure that is great with action and romance and political intrigue," says Stanton. "Because it was written so long ago, he was young. Some of those behind. The trial before the comic adventures of comic book that has become a trend in itself. ".
Andrew Stanton, directed and co-wrote the script for Disney / Pixar 's makes ​​his directorial debut of Disney / Pixar' s "Finding Nemo" and a nomination for the original script Award. and has won the Oscar for animated movie, the best (2003), Stanton worked as a screenwriter and / or director of Disney / Pixar 's "Toy Story", "Life of Bug" (which he is. The co-lead), "Toy Story 2," "Monsters, Inc.", "Ratatouille" and "Up.".

john carter design by Andrew Stanton
Willem Dafoe, which plays Tars Tarkas in the movie, has reviewed about working with Stanton. "I worked with Andrew on" Finding Nemo "and even if you make it sound incredibly well documented and I know that each stage has multiple functions are incredible. So when he told me about this project and how he came up to me to get excited. It's the kind of person that can handle this, the. cynicism about process which he loves that kind of thing. His love of the history. "
A stellar cast led by Taylor Kitsch (NBC News Friday Night Lights, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"). In the title role, Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is a warrior princess DEJAH Thoris and Oscar ® nominee. Willem Dafoe (Man Spider),
Cast includes Thomas Haden Church ('Spider-Man 3'), Polly Walker ('Clash of the Titans'), Samantha Morton ('Elizabeth The Golden Age'), Mark Strong (.'Sherlock Holmes'), , Dominic West (300), James Purefoy ("Resident Evil game") and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)  takes the role of the young nephew of John Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs.



8 Feb 2012

pawan kalyan's gabbar singh

pavan kalyan's gabbarsingh
Millions of hearts waiting Tollywood Telugu film star who normally 
have as a power star Pawan Kalyan is all set for provide a central
performance in his new movie 'Gabbar Singh'.

Pawan Kalayan fourth draft in a Row Gabbar Sing. Signh remake of Gabbar is Salman Khan Dabangg 2010 blockbuster. the first look posters wallpapers stills Gabbar Singh.
Pawan Kalyan who is preparing to make a Salman Khan with Tollywood remakes Dabangg worked on his look in the film Gabbar Singh. Here is the complete view of the look of this film Pawan.

Bollywood mega hit 'Dabangg' film set a record as the biggest coarse (200cores above) in Hindi cinema. The movie will now be done again in Telugu with Pawan Kalyan Power Star in the lead 
role. Star Power is himself produce the film on a Banners of creative works. This is her first film as producer. It's called "Gabbar Singh" and will be directed by Harish Shankar (director of "Mirapakai" (Ravi Teja) and shock). The star power will play an arrogant and corrupt policeman in Gabbar Singh and the carelessness is sees his dress himself. Pawan Kalyan the fans will head to heels to see their idol morning in a truly the mass character.

Ravisankar and pavan 

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh schedule which is taking place in Hyderabad from a while, will wrap up the shooting today. pavan is known for pulling off mass friendly roles and Gabbar Singh character provides him the best scope to rule the roost. This films shooting will start from July and the film will be ready. Shruti Haasan is pairing up with Pawan Kalyan in the film and Devi Sri Prasad is rendering the tunes.Lets wait to see if the Kushi sentiment brings smiles for Gabbar Singh and the team.

sruthi hassan
Gabbar Singh is being directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Ganesh Babu under Parameswara Arts banner with music compositions by energetic Devi Sri Prasad. Shruti Haasan has stepped into the role of Sonakshi Sinha to play Pawan Kalyans love interest in the mass entertainer.
Speaking about his first production Pawan Kalyan said This is the first film coming under our banner. I will be playing the role of Gabbar Singh in it. Director Harish Shankar narrated several scripts in the past but due to some unavoidable reasons I couldn’t do a film with him. Now, I strongly believe that he is the right person to remake Dabangg.”


4 Feb 2012

Jism 2 sunny leone Movie

JISM  Adult Thriller   

Jism' has been launched I 2003, it was an unexpected success at the box office, you, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu beginner you experienced names in the film industry.

Mahesh Bhatt did not fail to mention that the Director Anurag Basu is with the crowd during the filming of Barfee Darjeeling "I will try to flow the way is that you want a wrong idea that when I was in Mumbai" Director of Confidence veteran.
Bhatt said that the film was successful Darjeeling THEY can make a film that is local starting record. "Young film directors are constantly looking for new places. They wish to try to Darjeeling. The administration of the same district is ready to cooperate with the movie 
industry to facilitating the fire here "Bhatt.
Jism 2 is a sequel to Jism movies, cult classics, the super-production produced by a network of corn you Played John Abraham and Bipasha Basu and the main role, the casting will be made and other details. It will be revealed soon.
John Abraham 
Bipasha Basu 

 Pooja Bhatt the said, adding: "She told me adamant that Choosing to be a a porn star is her personnel Select." Sunny Leone on 'Bigg Boss 5 house.that' I have language problems. He also agreed to work I Jism 2 '.

"She is very aware of that the language can be act as a barrier. But to be prepared to make an additional effort. It has to accept" Jism 2. 'Who is it under the banner of corn Network Pooja Bhatt. Now they are going sort things out with a representative of Sunny and work on nitty gritties - that "the book says that sixty-one years after its visit at the.Jism 2 is the sequel to the cult classic film Jism which was a blockbuster produced by Fish Eye Network and had starred John Abraham and Bipasha Basu in lead roles. 
Genre: Adult Thriller
Studio: Clockwork Films Private Limited and Fisheye Network.
Description: To Love Her Is To Die
Starring: Keep Guessing
Directed By: Pooja Bhatt.
Written and screenply: Mahesh Bhatt.
hot sunny leone
Produced By: Dino Morea and Pooja Bhatt.


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