6 Dec 2011

simbu six pack on osthi

Osthi's Tamil remake Salman Khan's Dabangg.so critics said Simbu's can do that in Osthi Salman Khan in Dabangg? That is very challenging question.

Into Kollywood, film makers generally target to a grand opening at the box office and larger end (the climax of the movie). And this is exactly what Dharani and Simbu seems to have for their Osthe doing as well. We hear a many changes took place to the script, the Tamil audience and keep in mind Simbu's image to match. A large set of built near Chennai, where the unit they shoot now driving climax. While the action sequence in the the climax was the highlight of the original movie, sources told us that there are various highlights of the Tamil movie climax as well.director by dharani.Richa Gangopadhyay is the heroine and music by Thaman. The movie hits the screens of this month. The shootings is completed with Simbu and Soonu do the climax scene for CTA will be seen with a simbu six pack.


Salman taking off his shirt to show off an six pack body into Dabangg was one of the best climax fight sequences that B town has ever seen. As can Simbu six pack Recreate that magic in Tamil? Let's wait and watch!

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