15 Nov 2011

trailor latest movie hunger game

Latest movie ‘Hunger Games is not Twilight

The wonderful  trailer so much that we wanted to see without too much away, picking a point of Prim, Katniss and Peeta and voluntary Katniss on stage to acknowledge each other and their fate. The capital looks like all it should and more! I thought it was awesome to see other tributes in the training of Snows speech that the hunger games is really a good idea what this film is about the non readers of books to give. Then the run-up to the arena where takeoff, then cut away to the logo so we really want more March can not come soon enough

are here, and the appearance of things, chances are ever in your favor . If you know what you're looking for, it is.

For fans of Suzanne Collinsnovels, it is best to have the starring Jennifer Lawrence adaptation. Reading the book, I am very satisfied with the outcome. But those of you who have not ‘Hunger games’ read, can I get some head scratching think about the Latest movie trailer.

Latest movie The Hunger Games official character posters
Latest movie ‘Hunger Games is not Twilight
Latest movie ‘Hunger Games is not Twilight


The film will adhere strictly to the novels. If this first trailer is an indicator, there should be no risk of hunger games fan uprising as a result of differences between the book and film. The footage, which runs in chronological order, from their vantage point begins with Katniss and Gale, as the first book, continue to reap Katniss  and Peeta time in the capital, before the conclusion of Our first view of the arena. A remarkable difference appears to be upping of the Gale  presence in the film. In the novels he is just the beginning and end, but judging from the trailer, the audience will get to see what he goes through while Katniss in the area, something readers to experience the novel.
Latest movie Hunger
GamesJennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson

District twelve seem less gritty than its counterpart. Fans view of the known and neglect of Panem's districts, and the portrayal was a bit of a Hollywood gloss. Yes, all the crop's participants dressed in monochromatic outfits and seemed to be standing among the ruins, but everything else is a little too good for a coal-mining town. The book describes all the ash with a fine layer of dust on it, but the trailer has a brightness in the forest, the buildings and the dresses of twelve District's residents. Probably the darkness did not translate well on movie.
Latest movie "The hunger games director Gary Ross promises" extremely Epic  things to come
Was that the forest or the arena, the trailer begins and ends with pictures of scenes in the forest. In the beginning, viewers see Katniss and Gale in real life sanctuary, the forest outside twelve District's nonfunctional electric fence. At the end, the trailer shows the movie's heroine in the called man of the forest, hungry game arena. But the landscape has certainly a very similar look. The film was shot in North Carolina, but producers could have used a little too much of the area's natural aesthetic the scene believable than a creation of Capitol.

 Jennifer Lawrence: Latest movie ‘Hunger Games is not Twilight’

The leading men have a long way to go to the Twilight guys level of fan obsession to achieve. There are Ti-Twi-present and moms will Hungry hungry dogs and mothers be next? It's hard to say. Apart from the initial uproar over Robert Pattin son and Taylor Launderer's casting as Edward Cullen and Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise, the leading men inspired screaming hysterically since the first film's premiere. Both Hutcherson and Hemsworth have been around well before their hunger games castings. Because of their lack of obscurity, it is unlikely that either will suddenly inciting riotous behavior. Fans seem to be in love with the story more than the players in the first trailer. Not leading man's hunk factor is relied on heavily.
Latest movie ‘Hunger Games is not Twilight

Latest movie’Hunger Games’ Trailer:  the Movie buffs say

Jennifer Lawrence caught Katniss' material? Fans saw Lawrence dressed as the book's heroine in photographs, and previously released video clips that showed her running, but this is the first Hunger Games fans have heard the actress truly embodies the heroine. I was struck with how well fed Katniss seems to come from be when hunger twelve District. It seems that the film version of the story is the focus on leading women's power rather than its weakness. 
You have seen Lawrence dressed as the book's heroine in photos, and previously-released video clips that showed her running, but this is the 1st time Hunger Games devotees have heard the actress truly embody the heroine. I was struck with how well fed Katniss appears to be...when coming from the starving District TWELVE. It seems that the movie version of the story is focusing on it's leading lady's strength rather than her frailty.
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