26 Nov 2011

latest movie 'Young Adult'

Charlize Theron Cinema & Society "Young Adult" Dior Beauty screened

Young adult, the new film written by Diablo Cody, stars Charlize Theron as a writer of 36 years Teens book have emotionally stunted That Is have the characters she writes about.

HAVING clause left small town historical to the "big city", Minneapolis, she aspire to rekindle romance Her With Her now married-with-a-baby high school sweetheart.

She goes home to see HIM, and in the General process, Makes An Unlikely friend from a friend Who Was Beaten and unpopular Disabilities Patton Oswalt The Cinema Society screening, sponsored by Dior Beauty starry WAS.

Much of the action in the General movie IS set in the General local bar. So it WAS fun to act drunk

"Playing drunk IS Actually I find it very hard really hard, anyway," Said Theron, in a stunning black Dior cocktail dress shorts and Dior makeup.

"The bar was really fun to hang around," Said Oswalt. "The set was very lively and interesting."

What Was it like working with Charlize? we Asked "I Learned to work with a great actor," Said the charismatic FashionEtc Oswalt. "I think She Will Have One of These amazingly crazy career She Will Become One Of Those people in one word, you know," Charlize Told me once "... It Makes everything better. The Most difficulty stage to do the love stage WAS Because I WAS half-naked next to the hottest woman on the planet. No way i could do it next to Michael Moore or something "

Elizabeth Reaser, in a black leather Ferragamo dress, Had to shift gears for Promoting new movie Twilight.

"This was more like where i am have a player," Said Reaser. "The movie Twilight WAS Much More difficulty in Some respects, this vampires plays and all the makeup and supernatural aspects. [Young Adult] is a film That Is really grounded in reality. The characters are so Perfectly drawn. It's a beautiful script, with a brilliant director. It Was Easier Than it Should Have, Because EACH MEMBER has-been so high end. "

Diablo Cody who wrote Juno Perfectly, shared history Thoughts on this latest project.

"Charlize plays a young adult author Who is obsessed with historical adolescence. And I Said, I wrote about teenagers for the last years of my life, maybe There Is Something Wrong with me, I am a person May Be stunted. So I Thought I Would write about a woman Who is Unable to move teens and Since history hAS to act, "she laughs.

The after-party at the Double Seven still happening, buzzing with talk about the film "How Did They Mutilated Her leg look so real" All-cam to congratulate Jeremy Renner Theron and Courtney Love, Anson Mount, Bob Balaban, James Marsden, Tony Danza, Dior Beauty Dianne Vavra, Dan Abrams and David Zinczenko Themselves Contributed to Grey Goose cocktails, Prosecco, vegetables and spring rolls on.

Still obsessed with the legacy issue, I ran Into the Oswalt Always gracious, and Asked Friend about this directly. "I was surprised too," He Replied. "All I Know Is They Made a mold of my leg and feels to a place in Nyack, Where THEY make All kinds of special effects, and that's how HE ended up look on the screen.

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