8 Nov 2011

Hell on Wheels’Latest

Sunday, the AMC western drama Hell on Wheels of the country revolves around building the first transcontinental railroad, but the creators (and sisters), Tony and Joe Gayton to tell a larger story was the subject of the Reconstruction.

Union soldier in a quest to find his wife is killed by the showrunners, a former Confederate soldier who served in the series, such as revenge and Anson Mount Hollywood Reporter tell us that more than one railroad. The construction of the railroad to the front wheels as a traveling tent city was set up in hell, Gaytons the war ended and the slaves can be free, that freedom is to describe the struggle between the heart and note that the series AMC.

History: latest "Hell on Wheels" TV Review

The Hollywood Reporter: What about the Reconstruction era that first attracted you?
Tony Gayton: The D.W. As Griffith film Birth of a nation - we now know was born in this country of more: more sharing in the war, slaves, free, and is like, but not really more. It is still more ennovidhaluga. Durant (Colm Meaney), says in the opening in the first act - - This is a healing of the population there is still war in the east and west, and, after the fact to try to build a railway from the north and south of the existing conflicts, but the friction of each individual and s is not ready for healing.

Joe Gayton: We do not see racism in this show, and wanted to bring to light. Why is that of a slave, was released to one of our characters.

Tony Gayton: This is the idea of ​​freedom, liberty, and a variety of levels. If you are on paper, they are free, but how they should be free? In many ways this is done, there really is no law.In, because someone out there in the middle of Nebraska and how the land was free, unlimited freedom of where and what to do with you?

Joe Gayton: Right. Quite simply, we felt it was a western with a new form of a great series. The leaders of all images and characters, but it's a different perspective from the Western to the next.

The latest film by Anson Mount, latest "Hell on Wheels': There is no heroes or villains

This is your guide to the history of how much you agree?
Joe Gayton: We have a historic signaling, we investigated about it. We do not know what kind of people involved, the parties went through the railroad that was built there. So far, in terms of historical figures, we have all of Durant, and is an amalgam of the type. It was mostly physically, literally, the exact Thomas "Doc" Durant is not, but we have things is the fact that some parts of the pilot and he was persistent, so we're trying to choose the kind of things murky , a historical figure from it, but we'll keep 100 percent accurate. If you are not trying to be, we're hoping to resume the historical characters introduced in the line. You know, came out in Sherman. Grenville Dodge is a great character. To add more historical characters, hoping to resume the series if we are on the road, but now, in fact, taken from the history of the role of one of Durant.

Tony Gayton: The wheels of the truth of our history, we created these characters is played in hell. Some, for which the first 100 miles, so the first 40 miles, I tell you the exact history of the railroad, to run, so that gives freedom, government subsidies, the Irishman and a former Confederate soldier and former slave who went on to represent the bribe. Hell on wheels rather incredible that you can also create your own characters in this book is really a hell, no information on the history of the railroad, together, have moved to the tent city is the story so you can use part of their imaginations.
What are you researching historical patterns were used for the series?
Tony Gayton: Stephen Ambrose's Nothing Like the world, Empire Express by David Bain.

Joe Gayton: The following parts of the Union, we are sure that you get is that there is something touching in the Central Pacific Central Pacific yet.Will not played in the Pacific, Central Pacific, or more seasons, what is going on?
Tony Gayton: This really is a race between the central Pacific and the European Union, and finally, because we have love. This season, they are mainly due to budget problems and the Union Pacific, Hell on Wheels was forced to stay together, but we are racing each other around the country, and it became really exciting to come in at love side of things, the Central Pacific.
Joe Gayton: We have a history, which is very important in establishing the first thought that instead of characters. Certainly the history of the Central Pacific. Many Chinese workers with their story line, half of it, however, took place in the Sierra Nevada. Once we do it on the line for us to explore the other really interesting aspect of this show.
This season, the networks have been developed and marketed by a multitude of Western projects.

AMC is going back to the wild west with 'Hell on Wheels.' The network announced the official premiere of the new series about the post-Civil War era construction of railroads.

"Since 'Broken Trail,' AMC has looked for the next expression of an original Western series," Joel Stillerman, senior vice president of original programming, production and digital content at AMC, said in a statement. "'Hell on Wheels' is an incredibly powerful story that captures the intensity and inspiration of the American West at a time when nothing less than the future of the nation was at stake. The characters and the story that Joe and Tony Gayton, Jeremy Gold , and John Shiban have created; and that our terrific cast and crew have realized is compelling,

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