26 Nov 2011

Dhanush Mayakkam History of Enna

Dhanush Mayakkam History of Enna

Director Selvaraghavan film The reputation of Ontario claim to Be a fait accompli Whats unique about the style and content of the decisions of, and His Brother When the Actor Dhanush He then User avatar Joined it Becomes A Powerful General A Creative Work Completed incredibly wonderful and fal
"Enna Mayakkam IS Such A work of this deadly combo That Is soon on the screens next month! Dhanush plays the General happy go lucky guy A In the movie Who Claims to Be a romantic walk Welfare Exclusively to the young generation. Overall, this romantic That Is Another drama depicts love, hate and Betrayer
Richa Gangopadhyay Supported by Dhanush IS and Sunder Ramu bothplaying new face of Other Leading roles In the movie plane.
When It Comes to telling aid the human Emotion and romance Credit Should Be Given caused to the director Selvaraghavan. His film Have a strong scripts and characters with Emotion to the dance versatility.

Mayakkam Enna Review

When He was joined Dhanush, the General sound of Gone With more interesting to Watch interview. After Thulluvatho Ilam, kadhal Kondein and Pudhupet, add together to Mayakkam The Two Enna.

These Are the setbacks of a photographer Struggling to tangles in the General novel. Sometimes, have A Novel by in the triangular remind Kondein A kadhal. How do history in Goal to recall triangle Selvaraghavan interessant.roman handle lots of kadhal Kondein. But The Ways the General story handle make it interesting Selvaraghava
eads facts "Shot Mayakkam Enna 'two months ago WAS OK When It published pictures of a film in Quebec Leave Everyone cam to the praise of the CES parameters, designs and colors of CES.

Richa Gangopadhyay

The audio of the film on 19-11-2011 and the tracks are up-in graphics Already at the Summit of the book! The Entertainment album, composed by GV Prakash Kumar has 6 tracks and the specialty, Is That by the first liver That the Brothers Actor-director also wrote words and singing a song HAS Selvaraghavan for the film.
Selvaraghavan start "Irandam Ulagam 'with Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah, and the project undertaken WAS IN The Weather Conditions When Andrea Pulled out of the film due to personal differences with the director Some. Selva Abandoned Project and start a new one with the hero Dhanush to Richa Gangopadhyay and New, that 'HE hAD IN Discard the General history Decided Next, as the heroine. Summer Project Title Theplus a Late "Mayakkam Enna and fast envelope Itself Now to Prepare release.After SA score for' Aayirathil Oruvan ', GV Prakash Kumar join Selvaraghavan liver to pay the General second movie. Kola Bhaskar Cinematography Ramji and HAS HAS SEEN assembly.

 Director Selvaraghavan Said the film simple story, Gateway and Realistic different Dhanush again and playing the role of a photographer. Mayakkam Enna Is A romantic suspense With accusations of emotional scenes cast Dhanush, Richa Gangopadhyay and Sundar Ramu IN the roles and Main Mathivanan Rajendran, Pooja Balu, except Soni, Rajiv Choudhry and others play the role of UN support.

Director Selvaraghavan
GV Prakash Kumar HAS Already shot like music hits. Mayakkam Enna IS Team Confident Enough on the end of the film.

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