4 Feb 2012

Jism 2 sunny leone Movie

JISM  Adult Thriller   

Jism' has been launched I 2003, it was an unexpected success at the box office, you, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu beginner you experienced names in the film industry.

Mahesh Bhatt did not fail to mention that the Director Anurag Basu is with the crowd during the filming of Barfee Darjeeling "I will try to flow the way is that you want a wrong idea that when I was in Mumbai" Director of Confidence veteran.
Bhatt said that the film was successful Darjeeling THEY can make a film that is local starting record. "Young film directors are constantly looking for new places. They wish to try to Darjeeling. The administration of the same district is ready to cooperate with the movie 
industry to facilitating the fire here "Bhatt.
Jism 2 is a sequel to Jism movies, cult classics, the super-production produced by a network of corn you Played John Abraham and Bipasha Basu and the main role, the casting will be made and other details. It will be revealed soon.
John Abraham 
Bipasha Basu 

 Pooja Bhatt the said, adding: "She told me adamant that Choosing to be a a porn star is her personnel Select." Sunny Leone on 'Bigg Boss 5 house.that' I have language problems. He also agreed to work I Jism 2 '.

"She is very aware of that the language can be act as a barrier. But to be prepared to make an additional effort. It has to accept" Jism 2. 'Who is it under the banner of corn Network Pooja Bhatt. Now they are going sort things out with a representative of Sunny and work on nitty gritties - that "the book says that sixty-one years after its visit at the.Jism 2 is the sequel to the cult classic film Jism which was a blockbuster produced by Fish Eye Network and had starred John Abraham and Bipasha Basu in lead roles. 
Genre: Adult Thriller
Studio: Clockwork Films Private Limited and Fisheye Network.
Description: To Love Her Is To Die
Starring: Keep Guessing
Directed By: Pooja Bhatt.
Written and screenply: Mahesh Bhatt.
hot sunny leone
Produced By: Dino Morea and Pooja Bhatt.


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